Who is Shane Chalke?

This list is big enough now that many of you don’t know me. I don’t much like doing this, but you’ve asked lots of questions about how my background qualifies me to do this work. Although I retired 15 years ago to play jazz full time (I play about 180 shows a year – at least until this), my business career was as an actuary, which is a mathematician that specializes in insurance and mortality. For the majority of my career I created mathematical modeling software and sold it to insurance companies, banks, actuarial firms, and investment banks.


  • 1983: Won Society of Actuaries Triennial Prize for the best academic paper in a refereed journal over 3 year period
  • 1986: Won Society of Actuaries Annual Prize for the best academic paper published that year
  • 1987: Elected President of the Product Development Practice Section of the Society of Actuaries
  • 1990: Elected to the Board of the Society of Actuaries as to the youngest board member in its history
  • 1993: Elected Vice President of the Society of Actuaries
  • 1994: Editor, North American Actuarial Journal
  • 1997: Taught graduate-level finance theory at George Mason University
  • 2005 – 2006: Guest Lecturer, Cornell University, Economics
  • 2006: Referee, North American Actuarial Journal


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