Travel – 27% Normal Volumes at Peak of Vacation Season

On June 14th we told you about one of our favorite recovery gauges; the air travel index that the TSA keeps that compares how many people traveled on any given date as compared to one year ago.

When we last discussed this, the most recent flight data was for June 11, when about 502,000 people passed through American airports to catch a flight, down about 81% from 2019.

The most recent data available is for July 27th, when almost exactly 700,000 people passed through TSA checkpoints to get a flight. That’s a nice improvement from June 11, but still down 73% from the same day last year. So very, very far from normalcy, despite most restrictions having been lifted across the US.

See our chart below, or visit to check the most recent numbers.

Date Total Travel Throughput Total Travel Throughput (1 Year Ago – Same Weekday)
March 1, 2020 2,280,522 2,301,439
March 9, 2020 1,909,363 2,378,673
March 18, 2020 779,631 2,320,885
April 14, 2020 87,534 2,208,688
June 11, 2020 502,209 2,675,686
July 27, 2020 700,043 2,613,346