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Fear Sells Newspapers

The liberal media like the New York Times love to fan the flames of fear, so they produce a lot of articles like this “showing” how COVID is really killing more Americans than shown by the official statistics.
Here’s what our actuary has to say about articles like this:

These so-called “excess death studies” have serious limitations. They are looking at the average of 2017-2019 total deaths YTD, then comparing to 2020 total deaths YTD, and then assuming that any increase in 2020 over the prior 3-year average is the result of COVID. The problem is that total deaths vary year to year, and even more so when looking at a limited number of months. Variances occur based on the severity of the flu season, weather, the state of the economy, etc..

For example, the 2nd week of January 2018 had nearly 10,000 “excess” deaths. COVID? I doubt it. I don’t put much credence in these studies. We’ll also likely see a drop in deaths for 2021 and 2022, as many of the COVID deaths are among those with limited life expectancy. I doubt the New York Times – or any other mainstream media – will be writing an article on the “saved” lives next year.

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